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Core Strengths

  • Exhibition Logistics
  • Defence & Special Projects
  • Sports Events
  • Musical Concerts

Exhibition Logistics
Our more than 30 years of experience in exhibition logistics has brought us to every corner of the world and our exhibition logistics specialists provide the most professional advice on how best to handle your international exhibition shipment.

We will assist you in planning and coordinating your worldwide trade show activities: we can handle your entire range of needs including pickup at your address, delivery to your booth, return transport of your materials and, of course, all the paperwork associated with these services.

Defence & Special Projects
Unmatched experience in handling Air and Defense shows and end to end logistics for the defense sector, for field trials, regular contract supplies and warranty replacements. Military Intelligence (MI-13 ELINT sub group), Army Aviation Core, etc.

Sports Events
We are involved in many past and upcoming sports events in India. We specialize in the handling of cars and other small and heavy vehicles. We have been associated with all editions of the Auto Expo Show (largest automotive show in Asia). We have handled all the three edition of Formula One event held in India.

Musical Concerts
Concerts and musical events are extremely timed and precise events. We have been involved in the staging of shows for Yanni, Bryan Adams, Rolling Stones, Venga Boyz, Deep Purple, Enrique Inglesias, Shakira, Beyonce and other renowned artists.



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